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Is yielding Lebron James as the GOAT an unpopular opinion?  Of Course it is, but here at Model Citizen, we no longer think it should be.  At least not for the state of Ohio.

Let's be clear, what Michael Jordan did for the game of basketball will forever go unmatched.  MJ is the reason I fell in love with the game of basketball to begin with so believe me when I say that referring to Lebron as the greatest is no overnight conclusion or plea for attention.  I just think it's time for people of Ohio especially to stop focusing so hard on what MJ did over a decade ago and pay attention to what the kid from Akron's been doing right in front of us his entire career.

In LBJ we have a kid born and raised in our great state who's been shattering basketball records since High School entering the NBA draft and completely taking over. Here's a guy who's reached the NBA Finals 7 times, 6 of those in a row...In a Row!  He's done so with 2 different teams and collecting 3 rings in the process.  2 of those rings came with the Miami Heat.  Upon joining the Heat Lebron faced extreme criticism and scrutiny.  He continued to face criticism after returning home to Cleveland and rejoining the Cavs. In spite of the scrutiny Lebron led the Cavs to the NBA Finals his very first year back in Cleveland.  This shows how effective he makes a team.  They we're outmatched in 6 games by the red hot Golden State Warriors.

On a side note, I always laugh at the Steph Curry comparison because it's proven that if you take Lebron and place him on another team, that team immediately becomes title contenders.  Put Curry on a new team and that team just gets a lot better.  Of course this theory is yet to be tested but I'd just love to put that conversation to rest.  

Carrying on, Lebron's 2nd year with the Cavs, they pull off the unthinkable.  With the infamous Game 7 block on Andre Iguodala in vintage LBJ chase down fashion, the most clutch 3 point shot in Cavalier history by Kyrie Irving and the stop on defense, Lebron and Cavs end Cleveland's 55 year title drought and bring it home to Ohio.

Now it was fun watching Michael win all of his titles as a kid but watching what Lebron has done and continues to do in my home state of Ohio is another feeling entirely.  It's a feeling that transcends mere sports fan hood.

Not sure what the Bulls championships did for the morale of Chicago but here in Ohio there are certainly winning vibes reverberating throughout the state.  It's evident when Lebron and the Cavs are the biggest cheerleaders for fellow Ohio sports teams.  They are easily spotted on the jumbo-trons of the most prime time Ohio State Buckeye and Cleveland Indians games rooting as hard as the rest of us.  

In closing, the local charitable contributions from Lebron James just shows how much he truly cares for his hometown.  I think it's time we show our appreciation here in Ohio and stop being afraid to crown him the GOAT.  Does this mean Lebron is statistically better than MJ? no.  What it does mean is that Lebron has done things for the state of Ohio on and off the court that I feel should be celebrated more so than MJ continues to be at this point.    

Besides we've all been screaming Ohio Over Everyone for quite some time now.

Let's see who means it and who's bold enough to sport this tee at the next barber shop visit etc!  

Talk about a conversation starter! 

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Also congrats on yet another career milestone!



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